Data rate

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is it right to say that the main reason for drop-out of data rate in higher blocksizes, bigger as cach-sizes (i.e. 256Kbyte),
in interprocesscommunication is a result of to less cache size
or does it gives other reasons?

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Yes. Best way to prove this is to run your program on a machines with different cache size.

Ok Ive prove it in comparing Celeron (256K) and P4 (512K)
maximum of celeron comes earlier using message passing.

But how is it with drop-out of data rate over cache-size of the CPU by

message passing: I belief it is cache of the CPU!
queue: I belif it is cache of the CPU and the optimised memory
shared memory: I belif it is cache of the CPU!?
file: I belif it is processor cache or is it HD-cache!?

is this right?

Thank you !!!