SandPoint with 8245

Alex Ivchenko <> wrote:
: John,

: As far as I understood to rebuild startup-sandpoint (to support 8245 and switch completely to
: 57600) I need pre-built libstartup.a

: Am I right?

I’m not sure I completely understand the question … Yes, the startup
lib you have (from the BSP) does not support the 8245. No, the startup
lib is not required to change the baud to 57600. You can simply pass
a command line option to startup-sandpoint, as follows:

startup-sandpoint -D8250.0xfe0003f8.57600.1846200.16 -vvvv

Let me know if this is what you meant.



startup-sandpoint -D8250.0xfe0003f8.57600.1846200.16 -vvvv
Thanks, this works.


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