INT10 problem with QNX 4.25

Hi there!

I 'm working with QNX4.25 without GUI and my program uses graphics like circle, elipse ecc.

With INT10 command (INT10 modes) i see various resolutions and when i try make the 800x600 24 bits ( true color) the application aborts.

Somebody knows if QNX 4.25 not supports this resolution?

I’m using graph.h lib and the _setvideomode function of WATCOM!!!

My objective is display PCX image files with 24 bits resolution!


André Menegussi

Get photon.

Don’t expect much from int10…


I’m working with a industrial 486 DX4 100 and a diskonmodule-HD. Is not possiblr With the INT10 ?
With the INT10 modes displayes many resolutions. Maybe a specific driver must be loaded ?

The role of INT10 is to allow QNX to use the VIDEO BIOS to set and query resolution, so not driver is needed.

If you can’t set the resolution you want, the only solution I can think of is try another video card or use a real graphical system like Photon.

Maybe it could be possible to use Photon mode switcher to switch to higher VGA resolution, but that would be quite a hack.


Can i use a photon graphic only to manipulate the resolution without run the graphic mode Photon like windows?

Maybe start photon service withou use the GUI Photon?



I guess it could be possible, would take some testing.

What do yo uhave against using Photon, it rulez! :slight_smile:

I dont have against Photon , but the application runs under QNX4.25 without graphic interface, only with INT10 running and the program switching the video mode.

I cant modify all the application only to change the resolution.

The application runs fine with 800x600 256 colors and 640x480 16 colors.

When i put resolution to 800x600 24 bits the program finishes!!

Thanks !!

André Menegussi - Brazil