Installing qcc utility

Hey Guys,

I need to install QNX Neutrino (NC) on a 512Mb flash card. , Currently I’ve
done the basic install including the Photon GUI updater and installer but i
need to get qcc up and running. The problem is flash card is 30Mb too small
to install the entire QNX Momentics suite.

I’ve installed a few packages using tar and editing the “packages” file in
/etc/system/packages. I installed GCC and standard c++ libraries but i cant
compile yet because gcc says it cant find the libraries. I dont know if
this will even be helpful for running real time applications anyway.

What i want to know is if there is any way i can install qcc so that i can
compile and run real time applications on the flash card. I’ve searched
through the packages on the qnx install CD but i cant find any reference to