boot errors in CF


When i load my boot image of QNX 6.2 from CF 128MB. I am getting the following errors.

Unable to access “/dev/socket” (2)
Path=0 - Intel 82317AB
target=0 lun=0 Direct-Access(0)- SanDisk SDCFB Rev:dV g

Please someone has suggestions as to what I am doing bring, I will really appreciate the feedback.

I am including a part of my script file…if anyone can see some errors there.Please do help me in correcting them. Thanks in advance

[virtual=x86,bios +compress] boot = {
startup-bios -Nmachine-name
PATH=/proc/boot:/x86/bin LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/proc/boot:/dev/shmem:/x86/lib:/x86/dll procnto

[+script] startup-script = {

Start up some consoles

devc-con -n4 &
reopen /dev/con1

display_msg " "
display_msg "Welcome to QNX Neutrino"

Start the pci server

pci-bios &
waitfor /dev/pci

Network drivers and filesystems

[b]io-net -drtl -pttcpip if=en0: &
waitfor /dev/socket[/b]

Wait for a bin for the rest of the commands

waitfor /x86/bin

Some common servers

pipe &
devc-ser8250 &
devc-pty &
devb-eide &

Start a debug server for debugging programs

waitfor /dev/ser1
[+session] pdebug /dev/ser1 &

Mount filesystem and cdrom

Uncomment the following lines to mount hd0 and cd0 automatically

waitfor /dev/hd0
mount -tqnx4 /dev/hd0t79 /hd

waitfor /dev/cd0

mount -tcd /dev/cd0 /cd