boot & i/o question

  1. WinXP and QNX 6.3 on 2 different partitions, and I chose not to install the QNX bootloader. I was told there was a way to boot to the QNX partition on the hard drive, using the installation cd - but I don’t see that option if I boot from CD. So how do I do this? How do I access it?

  2. I tried running QNX from CD, and I get prompted with a ‘a new video card has been detected…’ gui window, with resultion and refresh rate boxes. But I can’t click nor tab or anything - keyboard and mouse are not responding; though my keyboard I can numlock it and all - so it has power. My keyboard is a MS natural keyboard - ps2, and my mouse is a logitech trackball- usb. So I am not sure what the problem is

Any help is much appreciated


2 is solved, I can run from the CD - the problem was usb mouse, once i put a ps2 adapter on, i could click continue.

#1 - I still dont know how to boot from the CD- TO the hard drive partition