QNX on VMWare

Hi all - I have used QNX before…but I am trying now to load it into a virtual machine (VMWare), and for some reason when I point the VM to the ISO…it gives me a “Operating System not found” error.

Any ideas why this is, and how I can fix it?



Which version of VMWare?

Yo! One way I have made it work is to map the ISO using a utility
such as ALCOHOL 120 or NERO IMAGE DRIVE. Map the virtual
drive letter to the virtual VMWare CD. Then check LEGACY EMUL.

However, I have not gotten past the second reboot with 6.2.1
VMWare dies with a nasty error…

as mentioned in this post

QNX6 doesn’t support vmware’s graphic card emulator, yet. See that thread for a workaround.

See also Dave’s article for step by step details: