Keepalive Tool

Hi there,

I’m using chat and pppd to dial into a QNX6 machine. In order to avoid any
hang-ups I use the “idle” option to pppd. Unfortunately, when the connection is fine and I just happen to think for a while not doing any work on the connection then it gets dropped.

I can avoid this by doing a ping in the background or opening a telnet session with keealive enabled. But if I get disconnected by error (cable broken etc) I have no way of notifying another application - ping justs sits there blocked. So, I was wondering if there isn’t a dedicated “connection keep alive” tool around that opens a dedicated connection and can perform some user-defined action if that connection goes down?

A google search on the topic didn’t really hit what I wanted.

Many thanks,

not sure if it will work with your qnx6 as i think its
compiled for the original version but take a look at
try both QNX rtos and rtp versions, core has MANY inbuilt
tcp/ip protocols that would suit many situations
including yours i’d think.

use the tool to find any No. of example scripts you might learn/use

the rebol/view have all the capabilitys of core
with the added value of very nice scriptable GUI’s
but allas no RTP compile as yet, ask carl to make one available tothe qnx crew and you never know, you might get a nice way to X-internet your cli/shell tools one day…

P.s this place seems VERY different sice QNX changed hands…! 8)