Product expiration 28.August 2002 for QNX 6.2.0 "get it free

Hi Rennie

I do not quite understand this because I am not aware of having
downloaded a PE version. What I downloaded this spring was the normal
“get it free” version of QNX 6.2.0 ( this ISO-image)

Do you by chance know what that means??


Rennie Allen schrieb:

Joerg Kampmann wrote:

I just realized for this system that there is a product expiration date!
(Aug. 31st,2002)
no boot possible so far, neither disk nor floppy disk

The Momemtics PE beta expired on that date I believe. I am running
6.2 NC without any problems. The beta license required you to remove
the beta software from your system as of July 10th IIRC.