Using Photon and Phindows without graphical hardware

Hi !

I want to begin to use Photon but graphical hardware for my board is not yet ready. Is there a way to use Photon, see result on Phindows on PC without graphical hardware ? It seems io-graphics need a driver, is there a null-driver available ?

Thanks for you help.

Start TCPIP, make sure inetd is running and you should be able to phindows into the P, from Windows.

OK but what driver should I use when calling io-graphics ? I have no hardware on my target which runs QNX !

You don’t call io-graphics, you let phrelay (which will be invoked through inetd) handle everythink on its own.

You’re right, that’s works !! thanks, I now see the login window with Phindows. Unfortunately, when I press keys of my PC keyboard, nothing is displayed in fields of the login window. Any advice ? (there is no keyboard attached to the target).


I discovered that the login windows works better if phfont is launched. Now I can see in the login window the keys I pressed but when I click on “Login” the Phindows window close although I entered a valid user name and password. Any idea ?

If I use Phindows with the option -n/dev/photon, I see the current display.

this is how I do it :
phindows -h715 -w1017 -n/dev/ph+ -o1 -t10.0.0.8 -U[userid] -s[service]
(for a client screen of 1024x768)

do you have the phindows help text in WIN compatible form ?
if not, I can eMail it.

regards HELGE