Debugging an "external" library in Momentics


I have a library created outside of the Momentics IDE using the command-line
compiler and ar (I do specify -g in the compiler options). I specify this
library as an additional library in a Momentics project and link it into the
application. When I go to debug this app under the Momentics IDE I can step
into a routine in the library and, after specifying the location of the
sources for the libary, I can single step through a routine. However, I
have not found a way to set a breakpoint in any module of the library. When
looking at the source while in the debugger there is no annotation bar on
the left of a module located in the external library. So the question is,
how can I debug the contents of this library using Momentics?

A potentially related question is how can I tell the IDE to pass on to the
debugger the location of the library source files. It appears the source
file information is stored relative to the work directory while building the
library. This of course is not relative to the workspace directory of the
IDE project.

Dave G.