i am new 2 qnx ,i have qnx 6.1,p3 processor,want to create a bottable floppy with my application program,ia m able to create a .ifs image,i am able to boot the pc,but i am not getting the o/p as per my program,i am just getting ‘D’ or "s’ as the o/p.well it is just a simep0le c program which prints something on the screen,i guess there’s some problem with the path or something in the buildfile,i have the program stored in /root/ and i have the exe file in /bin how do i go about it,i woluld be very much thankful to anyone who helps me outta thios.

Is the PC boot? Can you start a shell (/bin/sh) at the end of buildfile, and start
your application from Shell ? Maybe you want to check the “reopen” command
in buildfile

First see if you can’t make a bootable floppy with one of the examples in /boot/build. If you don’t get the display_msg outputs then it is likly an issue with the creation of the floppy itself.

:smiley: first of all–my zillion thanx,now my program is running perfectly,i actually made a mistake in the buildfile,then i saw the preformulated files in /boot/build and then rectified the process of this i have learned quite a lot by making lots of mistakes.
now ,if i want to burn my program in to any chip,i am supposed to start the session(in the .script file) in the serial port(devc-ser*) (correct me if i am wrong).
and what are the hardware specifications if i want to burn any program in a chip?

That depends on your hardware. What are you planning on using as the flash disc/media?

i jsut want to interface the system to a ordinary microprocessor to burn my program into it,i would like to know the hardware details for this.i am also planning to do some projects based on qnx,i am undergoing a training in embedded system design,i am being taught 2 rtos which are On-Time and SMX.according to the training,i am supposed to do a project and i am intrested to do any project based on qnx,where can i get topics and help for the same?.if u have any nice suggestions regarding any qnx projects please let me know.