problem with ftp


I´m trying to access to a W2003 server by ftp from a machine with QNX 6.2.1, but I can´t get it. From other Windows machines I have no problem.

The computer with QNX is in an intranet and there is a proxy. I suppose the problem is coming from it. I don´t know how to configurate QNX in order to use ftp in an intranet with a proxy.

I have also used a browser (Voyager) to access to it. If I type


there is no problem. I can see the data. But I can´t do it the other way. I suppose it´s because this way I use the HTTP protocol instead of FTP.

Moveover, I have also tried to use the client phFTP, but it doesn´t work properly.

Could someone help me?

Thanks in advance.