FTP Timeout


I have QNX6.3 on my target. When I do FTP from the target to some other system, this FTP never times out.

Any idea, where this timeout information need to be given to make this FTP work in timeout mode also.

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FYI: I got this answer,

Q: Does it have any timeout option which could be used such that it would automatically stop if for a certain amount of time no data was received?

Ans: Not really. Not from the ftp client anyway.
It is typically the “ftpd” side (the server side) doing a TCP_KEEPALIVE and then drop the link if it can’t reach other side for some time.


I think the idea is: the binary “ftp” (the client) is typically operated by human, so you can “ctrl-c” it if you fell like. Where the “ftpd” (the server) is machine started, so it need to have a way to find out the client is disappeared, network is broken … Otherwise, a ftp server would endup with a lot of “ftpd” sit there forever.

The question would be, what exactly you are tring to archive?