QNX4 Dial in access, working example ( modem, pppd, login )

Hi folks,

I have been strugling for the past day to get my QNX4 server to accept a
connection from windows using dial up networking.

I finally have a configuration that works and thought I would post it in
case others may find it usefull.

I use the following scripts and files to start and stop the dial in server
/etc/greeting - text file containing greeting message to display on
terminal login

The following configuration files needed to be added and or tweaked
/etc shadow

Using this configuration I am able to dial up via terminal program and
get to a login prompt or dial in via ppp from a windows box.

Of special note in my journey was an error in forming my modem command.
This caused modem to exit with a “invalid option” error which I was
unable to see since tinit spawned modem. Tinit then did its job by
restarting modem, which exited, tinit respawned etc. etc. This caused
the some wierd symptoms such as my modems rx and tx lights to remain on.
In one instance photon actually went away (yuck).

To install
extract the tar archive
“tar -xvf ppp_server.tar”

Add some dial in users ( this will modify the etc/passwd and etc/shadow
files. pppd will use the password/username combo’s for pap
authentication. Results were not tested with blank passwords.

“passwd user1”
“passwd user2”


John Love
Tolltex, Inc.