Determining Version of OS


Not like I haven’t seen this 1000 times in posts here but the second I want to find it the search capabilites of this forum are so deficient you can’t string together two words like ‘determine’ and ‘version’ so that you only get results with both words (it returns matches with either word).

So in the end I clutter the board with a pointless post that could have been easily answered if the search function worked.

How do I determine the version of the O/S I have installed including service packs.

I swear it was ‘pidin in’ but when I do that I just get:

CPU:X86 Release:6.3.0 FreeMem:787Mb/1014Mb BootTime:Mar 28 14:34:35 EST 2006
Processor1: 1586 Intel ?86 F15M4S1 2995MHz FPU

Now I just finished installing SP1 (or at least I think I did from CD-Rom) but wanted to be 100% sure it’s there. I was expecting to see SP1 someplace on the version and I know I have at some point in the past seen SP1 in the version but I don’t so now I am wondering if it is indeed installed.


From a shell prompt type “qconfig”. If it isn’t on the path for some reason, it should be in /etc/qnx.

Try this:

uname -a

Oh just realized somebody already answered. Sorry