compiling ethereal

did anybody successfully build ethereal on Momentics?
I tried ethereal 0.10.14 but had no success.

./configure --disable-gtk2 finishes successfully:
The Ethereal package has been configured with the following options.
Build ethereal : no
Build tethereal : yes
Build capinfos : yes
Build editcap : yes
Build dumpcap : no
Build mergecap : yes
Build text2pcap : yes
Build idl2eth : yes
Build randpkt : yes
Build dftest : yes

                Install setuid : no
                   Use plugins : yes
           Use GTK+ v2 library : no
              Use pcap library : yes
              Use zlib library : yes
              Use pcre library : no
          Use kerberos library : no
          Use GNU ADNS library : no
        Use SSL crypto library : no
      Use IPv6 name resolution : yes
 Use UCD SNMP/Net-SNMP library : no

but the following make fails with the following message:


cd . && /bin/sh /fs/qshare/ethereal-0.10.14/missing --run autoconf
/usr/bin/autoconf[271]: /opt/bin/autom4te: No such file or directory
make: *** [configure] Error 1

I have autorun on the system but I don’t know what autom4te is

autom4te is part of autoconf. If you installed autoconf, you should have autom4te unless your autoconf package is badly broken.

My guess is your autom4te may be in a directory other than /opt/bin. The fact that your autoconf is in /usr/bin seems to indicate autom4te should be there too. If that’s true, you would want to edit autoconf and change the hardcoded /opt/bin/autom4te to /usr/bin/autom4te.