DiskOnChip driver help

Does anyone have an older version of devb-doc (5.1.2) for M-Systems DiskOnChip? The currently available one (5.1.4p3) fails to run and I’ve read elsewhere that an older driver may work.


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Hello, i m also looking for tis driver.
my mail is nicolas.leboucher@club-internet.fr

Hello, i m also looking for this driver (or
my mail is zh_spb@mail.ru

Does anyone have DiskOnChip driver for QNX 6.5.0 ?
Site of m-systems does not exist anymore.
Maybe driver for QNX 6.3 or 6.4 will suits fine, but I have no any devb-doc.
Can anyone help me?
My E-mail: Den-Rychkov@yandex.ru

Dennis Kelly asked me to post this reply;

i also have bought this mother board " it has a disk on chip socket "
Put the DOC in the motherboard you show
Put the SDcard in a usb adapter plugged into motherboard
Attach a CD-ROM and boot a ubuntu “live” CD
From a root shell, use ‘dd’ to copy every sector of the DOC to a usb SDcard (yes it will take awhile!)