help with corrupted file system running from Compact flash

Hello everyone:

I am running QNX 6.2 from the CF image.
I have a drive /hd. I store my files that i need to manipulate/edit here. By default I have three files here in /hd. If I copy an existing file for example and rename it It creates the new file
When i do ls: it shows yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (with two dots on top of each y).
when i do ls -l : it says
ls: Corrupted file system detected (./yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy) with two dots on top of each y.

I am not able to figure out, why does it say that the file system is corupted if I add an extra file. The new files works fine so does the old. This corruption thing does not happen if I edit my existing default files, its only when i add a new file to the directory either via move, cp or so on, then it says the file system is corrupted.

If anyone has any idea regarding the same. please do help.