Resource manager adresses


i am currently writing a resource manager for a digital IO-Board from Kontron and i have got a problem: On the IO-Board there are several Channels to choose, and this decision i have to implement! How I can fix the adress i am writing to ?

yours muhkuh

I don’t understand what you mean by fixing the adress? What model of card is this?

Hey mario,

thanks, the problem has gone! i just forgot that i have to map the memory depending on the channel i am writing to!

yours muhkuh

:confused: Sorry, I am starting with resource manager…
How do you know on which channel you are writing to?

I started with 1 channel, it works well, but I want to use 2 channels, and I don’t know how to do it… :question:


I think I found it… I just have a look at end of “Writing a Resource Manager”