Which Eclipse version?

Hi all,

I have tried to install Eclipse 2.1.2 on Neutrino/Photon 6.2.1.

With J9 2.0 (Target: 20030313) everything appears to work fine,
except for the tabpages in the preferences.

Trying to track the tabpage problem down, I can reproduce it with
the SWT tabpage snippet code and the following two swt.jar builds:

  • libswt-photon-2135.so
  • libswt-photon-3019.so

I have posted the above issue as a bug to Eclipse Bugzilla…
…so I hope the Eclipse team will come up with a solution soon.

Since I know that Eclipse is deployed with some QNX versions,

  • which SWT version is being used?
  • which J9 build is being used?

I also wonder why the latest Eclipse builds are not supplied for QNX,
how come?

Thanks in advance for any information.

Kind regards,

Carl Rosenberger
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