Labview for QNX/VxWorks/WinCE?

As far as I can tell, the only RTOS officially supported by Labview is NI’s homebrew box:

“These real-time applications run on LabVIEW Real-Time Series hardware, either plug-in data acquisition devices or networked LabVIEW Real-Time Series devices.” … FF00685E2F

About two years ago, NASA announced they were porting Labview to VxWorks, but that project seems to have faded into the sunset:

I can’t find any evidence that Labview has been ported to QNX [or WinCE]. Does anyone know of a product [or products, preferably with an API and libraries] that could help me upload data sampled on a QNX box to Labview running on a, say, a Windoze box?

Obviously I could write something from scratch, but I’m getting kinda tired of reinventing the wheel.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated!

You might want to contact NI directly. Ask them what support they have for QNX.

Yeah, I’ve got queries in with them.

Surely, though, there’s someone out there who has written some software for getting data off a QNX box and onto a box running Labview.

Cybermetrix has been doing labview with QNX for many years, you might want to contact them.