analogic driver on PC/104


I’m new… For my work, they asked me to do a driver for the TS-5600 PC/104 :

I have to develop a driver for the analogic I/O and I really don’t know how to begin it … I have Momentix & SP2 installed, I also instaled the DDK, but I don’t know how to do the driver… Can somebody help please :blush: ?



first thing to read is the chapter “Writing a resource manager” in the Programmer’s Guide (Can be viewed via Momentics Help). This tells you how to access hardware under QNX Neutrino in general, and how to make the services of the hardware available to an application.

Then you need to look up the specification of that particular Single Board Computer - how these I/O peripherals are made available to the operating system. I would scan through the BIOS and see if some addresses in the I/O or Memory Space are reserved for the devices. These adresses can be mapped into your resource manager.