Where can I get a nVidia driver ? Are there any ?

Hello all

I have QNX6 in some student-version (I don’t exactly know how to get my QNX
version). The graphic configuration utiliy shows me some drivers named tnt,
tnt_90, vesa and vga. I noticed I have to use 1024x768.

I don’t know for sure if tnt is supposed to support my GeForce graphic
card, but it doesn’t because if I use it the sistem can not update the
client area of any application window any more. That is all windows have
menus, titlebar, scrollbars, but the client (content) area is never drawn.
Sometimes it is black, sometimes gray, sometimes it is just the contents of
the previous window above the activ one. It is very strange.

So I have to use the vesa driver, which works, but does not support my
monitor’s 85Hz refresh rate

I tried to find a driver in the repository and didn’t find any. After
searching google a lot, I could barely find some file names (Pg.tnt and
some other) which I couldn’t find.

So my question is: can I find and install a nVidia video driver for QNX or
can I set the refresh rate to 85Hz in the vesa driver ?

Thank you
Timothy Madden

And I don’t wanna miss a thing