installation on a fast Laptop


I tried to install QNX 6.2 on a new laptop (notebook) from acer (Aspire
1700) with 2 GB RAM, 120 GB HD and 3 GHz ProcessorSpeed. I chose a free
primary partition with 15 GB space. Installation of the files completed, but
initial booting is not possible:

  • Inserting the CD and chosing “Run from CD…” ends after the screen
    message “Generating helpviewer search database” with a halt.

  • Inserting the CD and chosing “Run from HD installation” completes the
    creation of a 128M swap file and the “helpviewer search database” but stops
    the boot process after the message “Unable to start enum-pccard : Exec
    format error”

  • Inserting the CD and chosing “ALTBOOT” by pressing ESC does not even get
    to the point of initial welcome message.

Does anybody have a clue what the error could be?