Lite5200B I2S driver

Does anyone out there have an example of configuring a PSC port on an MPC5200 as an I2S master? I’m using a Lite5200B eval board and have tried the example code in Freescales AN2979, plus the sample code shown in Table 15-84 of the MPC5200B User’s Manual - no luck. The board hangs and I have to power cycle it to regain control.

I am able to program the port_config register and the mclken_div_psc2 register which will produce a 12MHz MCLK signal on the J20 eval board connector. But I cannot get the rest of the code to work. This is all done on QNX6 as an application, using ThreadCtl() and mmap_device_memory() to allow me to access the registers.

Okay, I figured it out. I was using PSC2 for my I2S work. The Word Clock (LR Clock) comes out on PSC2_4. The Lite5200B board also has PSC2_4 wired (through a zero ohm resistor) to a low power shutdown circuit. So, every time I enabled the Word Clock output I was sending a pulse to the low power shutdown circuit, which shut the board down. Removing the zero ohm resisitor (R88) solved the problem!