Where is static Python lib for embedding ??

Howdy, QNX’ers:

I am porting a C++ application which embeds/extends Python from Linux and LynxOS to QNX6. This application follows the Python guidelines for embedding / extending Python in a C++ app, which include linking against a static library containing much of Python, usually called something like:


However, I have installed both the 2.3.x Python from QNX’s third-party repository, and the 2.4.x Python from the Russian “qopencd” respository, and neither of them has either a static python library or a dynamic library containing “most of” Python. (The closest I can find is the python.o object which has a main() definition in it.)

After reading the travails of the folks who’ve successfully ported Python to QNX6, I SURE don’t want to re-invent the wheel. However, the python and python-devel QNX packages do not include any source code, so I don’t have access to any modifications made to the “straight” Python sources for QNX. (I’m a QNX newbie and don’t new if QNX’s packaging scheme has a concept analogous to a “source RPM” in the Linux world…)

Can anyone advise me on either (a) where to find the static library for either of these QNX6 Python versions, or (b) the simplest approach to build it without re-inventing the wheel?? Any other alternatives are also solicited.

Thanks in advance,
Mark Dzmura