QNX does not boot if Graphics card is removed


I have 6.2.1 PE running of a x86 based SBC - I had to plugin a PMC Video
Card to install QNX. Now that the ethernet and serial are working - I made
changes to the startup script so that I can login over the serial terminal
and/or through telnet or FTP.
Basically I do not need the Video card (and kbd/mouse) anymore - if I remove
the Video Card the boot does not complete (I have set the BIOS I/O
redirection to Serial as Always). When I removed this PMC Video Card - I get
the message
“Boot Partition 1 ? 1
Hit Esc for .altboot …”
and the booting process stops.

Once I get the SBC to boot without the PMC Video Card - my next step will be
to build an image that uses only Serial Port Console.

Is crttrap clear the way to start?

Any comments or questions - please help.