We have a VIA EPIA-CL motherboard, which has two Ethernet controllers: a
VT6102 (device id 0x3065) which is built in to the 8235 southbridge, and a
VT6105LOM (device id 0x3106).

Using the 6.2.1b driver, the VT6105 is not recognized automatically, but the
driver loads and works properly if the device ID is forced on the command
line. The VT6102 generally works ok, but with packets larger than about 270
bytes, at 100% of the maximum possible Ethernet rate, the chip or driver
locks up, i.e., it no longer claims to be receiving any more packets. Note
that at 99.9%, it works ok – only at 100% of line rate does it lock up, but
it is very consistent.

What has been the experience with these controllers, and are there any known