SiS 680 Video Driver

I am new to QNX and using QNX 6.2.1. At the time of my installation Photon Display Configuration program listed me SiS 680, which I choosed and the photon screen was perfect with good resolution (800 X 1024). But some how later my photon video driver was corrupted and I cannot choose the same SiS driver in Photon Display Configuration. Now, I am using (no other go)VESA(600 X 800) , which does not suits best.

Can any one show me the link where to download that video driver. Also, help me how should I install that, so that using Photon Display Configuration, I can choose that driver.

Thanks a lot.

Have you tried
crttrap clear
from text mode?

Ya, I’ve tried that already. But, still it fails to deduct the correct one.