Announcing: SETIRQ


I have ported my SETIRQ utility to QNX6 (x86 only), originally it was
written for DOS. It was not tested as thorough as DOS version, but it
works on my home computer. Although DOS version is in beta stage, this
QNX version is not even alpha :slight_smile: If anyone is interested to test it,
feedback is very appreciated.

It is a command line utility. “setirq list” will show you the list of
devices which uses interrupts. “setirq set link,irq” will assign given
irq to devices with given link. All information about link numbers and
possible IRQ is displayed by “setirq list” command. More detailed help
as well as my e-mail address for feedback can be obtained by “setirq -
vvh”. It is not a Windows “Device Manager”, but I believe it is better
than nothing.


  1. It doesn’t work in pre- QNX 6.2.0 releases.
  2. You must slay all drivers for affected devices before issuing “setirq
    set” command.
  3. Although many BIOSes report IRQ 6,14,15 as available for PCI IRQ
    steering, you should remember that these IRQs are usually used for FDD,
    IDE0 and IDE1 respectively. You can try to use them if you don’t have
    some (or all :slight_smile:) of those devices.
  4. Dealing with this stuff, you should expect possibility of
    resetting/rebooting of your PC. So, save your work beforehand and don’t
    blame me for data loss, damaged hardware etc.

Here is a binary in gzipped tar archive:

Best regards,