How to load the library?

Do you check my last question?When I run “phlocale” under my cf card,QNX says that it can’t find the library,but the library really exists,I don’t when and how the library is loaded into system,Could anyone explain to me,thank you very much!

Try doing…

DL_DEBUG=1 phlocale

And post all the output.

the output is:no such file or directory

Are you running this in a photon pterm ? Is this your target board?
Try to give full path of “phlocale” and see how it does.

I run this in a QNX terminal,Yes,It’s my target board,really it 's a CF card.

what shell are you using? Try doing this…

export DL_DEBUG=1

the output is:attempt load of,could not find library

So that lmeans that is either

  1. not in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH
  2. not on your system

But they all exist.

If the file exists (care to post the output of “ls -l /path/to/”?) then you might have an issue with the perms of the file.