Mirror Disk

Hi people, i need to make a fully backup from a disk to another.
I have qnx 4.24 in a 4gb disk. This disk is very old and have a little problems.
For security i have a 10 gb and i want to make a same copy as the disk who have the qnx.
Is there any way to do this ?
I know a tool from windows which do this (Norton Ghost) but i don`t know this in QNX.

Thanks for your time

Martin from Argentina

You can copy from one QNX disk to another. This can be accomplished by copying the entire disk:

cp /dev/hd0 /dev/hd1

or by a partition copy,

cp /dev/hd0t77 /dev/hd1t77

Other options, such as Ghost should also work.

Unfortunately, if you do this type of copy, you will not expand your disk into existing space. To do this, you would instead need to copy file by file.

Which Ghost i can used ? Symantec Norton Ghost???

I only know personally of one disk imaging product, which is named “Ghost”. It is made by Norton, which is owned by Symantec. There are other such products from other companies, but I’m not as familiar with them. Ghost also seems to come in various versions. I think even the least capable (oldest) should work fine.

I have norton ghost 2003. Did you do an image and restore it to a qnx disk ?

I do a backup image in Norton Ghost. And i do a restore to a BLANK HD Disk.
When i try to boot from this Restore HD it says that It havent found an Operation System.
What i was doing wrong???

Please help me

I don’t beleive Norton Ghost can handle QNX file system.