How to make bootable CF Card (Mount problem)


I am hardly carring on making bootable CF Card(4GB-Sandisk).
Several week ago I made it successfully.
But now, I gotta problem.

After dinit -h /dev/hd1t79
type command as routine,

mount /dev/hd1t79 /fs/hd1
AND result is as followings;

mount /dev/hd1t79 /fs/hd1

mount: Can’t mount /fs/hd1 (type qnx4)
mount: Possible reason: Resource busy

Please let me know the reason why.


Are you doing the:

dinit -h /dev/hd1t79
mount /dev/hd1t79 /fs/hd1

from a script or from the command line?

If your running from a script it’s possible the dinit command hasn’t finished before the mount command attempts to mount so this could be causing your problem. In that case a sleep 2in the script might help.