USB printer and spooler interaction

I’ve run into a small startup glitch; I’m trying to get a USB
printer running with the spooler.

In my startup script, I start the USB stack, the USB printer
class driver, and then the spooler:

The USB stack

echo USB-UHCI driver
devu-uhci &
waitfor /dev/usb

The USB printer class driver

devu-prn &

The print spoolers

spooler -d /dev/usbpar0 -n usb &
spooler -d /dev/par1 -n par &

Unfortunately, if the USB printer is not turned on and plugged in,
the device /dev/usbpar0 doesn’t exist, which then causes the spooler to

Is there a way of telling the spooler to “please use this device
even though it doesn’t seem to exist” ??? Or any other way around
this situation?

Also, is it ok to start the spooler twice, once with a usbpar0 and once
with the par1 device? I need two spoolers and I don’t know until run time
which printer is installed…

This must be on a 6.2.1 system as that is all that is currently qualified
for the (medical) device…

Thanks in advance!


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