qcc invocation for C++ exceptions.

Hi All,

I need to know the correct invocation of qcc/QCC such that my application
links against
$(QNX_HOST)/usr/lib/gcc-lib/ntoarm/2.95.3/exceptions/le/libgcc.a rather

As far as I can tell the file
$(QNX_HOST)/etc/qcc/gcc/2.95.3/gcc_ntoarmle_cpp++.conf is set up correctly
where I am trying to use the setup gcc_ntoarmle_gcc+debug+static for the
link stage.

Currently I am invoking qcc as:
QCC -Vgcc_ntoarmle_cpp -vvvvvvv

I thought this would then load its operation parameters from
gcc_ntoarmle_cpp++.conf but these lines of output seem to suggest

cc: looking for gcc_ntoarmle_cpp+debug+static in C:/QNX630/host/win32/x86/etc/qcc/gcc/2.95.3/gcc_ntoarmle_cpp++.conf
cc: looking for gcc_ntoarmle_cpp+debug+static in C:/QNX630/host/win32/x86/etc/qcc/gcc/2.95.3/gcc_ntoarmle_cpp.conf

qcc seems to be following instructions from gcc_ntoarmle_cpp.conf rather
than gcc_ntoarmle_cpp++.conf. I can prove this by altering the contents of
the first file.

How should qcc be invoked such that it follows the instructions from

Many thanks,


Daniel Watford.