recommended notebook for QNX 6.3?


can anybody recommend a up-to-date notebook where QNX is running natively well?


Get the fastest you can afford and use vmware.

Sorry, but vmware is no option for our customer.

Why not?

Our customers sell their products to other people/companies and they won’t constrain them using VMware.
I explained the advantages of using a virtual machine, but that is the choice of the customer!

Interesting. What is your customer doing? Their customer in turn will be ready to install QNX Neutrino natively on a notebook? That’s quite unusual. What kind of embedded/realtime application would be usually ran on a laptop?

I am using QNX natively on a Samsung P30 (for self-hosted development), however I had some IRQ routing issues which I had to address with the ‘setirq’ tool. Also, when I expanded the RAM of the notebook from 256 to 768 MB, the Radeon graphics driver stopped working. So I am using the slower VESA driver now which seems to work. (however I am under the impression that the QNX4 universal driver was much faster.)
However, as the notebook was bought a while ago, I don’t know if it’s still available.

You could check the supported hardware list on the QNX website and try selecting a notebook that has a supported gfx and ethernet device. That’s what I did. However it is not guaranteed to be successful. That’s because QNX is an embedded OS which usually runs on a fixed hardware configuration. Notebooks however change all the time, their lifespan seems to be a year or sometimes less - I think QNX has trouble keeping up with updating the drivers. I believe S-ATA is the most critical issue currently, but most BIOS’s allow you to switch to P-ATA (compatible) mode.

Of course you could pick a notebook and ask QNX for a Custom Engineering quote to have all the components you need supported. However as said, the notebook won’t be available for a long time.

If the customer opportunity is large enough, I guess QNX would be ready to put some effort into this.

Co worker has IBM T43.

Toshiba Satellite gave me good results, the model I use is no longer made, but I think other Satellites use the same bog-standard parts, nothing which will trip up QNX. Mine gave working sound, video, PCMCIA (Wifi card), wired network etc.

I am running an ACER TRAVELMATE 260, perfectly without any fuddling.
it is three years old, i.e. out of date, but maybe other TRAVELMATEs are worth a try.
godd luck ! HELGE

I’m using QNX 6.3.0 on a Dell Inspiron 510m (Oct-2005). Video (i830) and Network (speedo) work just fine.

I’ve got QNX 6.3.0 running great on Dell Latitude D505. Plus USB devices work too.