Downloaded QNX6.3.0 - how do I get QNX OS to run s'ware on ?

Please forgive my total newbie questions but, but here goes!

  1. I downloaded and installed QNX 6.3.0 last night onto my WinXP laptop. So far this just looks like an IDE - how do I get an actual QNX OS to run my software I develop on ?
  2. What is “Phindows” ?
  3. I have yet to look through all the docs that came with it, so feel free to point me in the right direction and I will look it up myself !

Thanks !

If you have VMWare workstation, then you can simply download and install (into VMWare) the native version of QNX from the CD (availble where you got the windows hosted version).

If you don’t have VMWare, but you have an old x86 box lying around (who doesn’t these days) you can install the native version on this, and then hook your WinXP laptop to the x86 target using a xover ethernet cable.

VMWare is much more convenient (you have your target with you in your laptop where ever you go) but the x86 box is much higher performance (obviously).

As I matter of fact I bought a 80GB HD to add to a new Mini-ITX board so I can resurrect an old machine for just that purpose!

So I guess it would be the download titled " QNX Momentics 30-day Eval - QNX Neutrino x86 Host" that I would use to install actual QNX on an x86 box ?

Thanks !

Or is the OS actually the “Neutrino Core” ?
Also, I have downloaded these - don’t have an actual CD.

That’s the one!

So the " QNX Momentics 30-day Eval - QNX Neutrino x86 Host" includes the RTOS, too ?
If so, what is the “Neutrino Core”, exactly ?
Thanks again !

Yes, it is the complete development environment (eclipse), but self-hosted on QNX. If you choose not to use the self-hosted tools (which you may very well do, since this is an old x86 box after all) then you can install the Windows hosted tools and connect to the QNX system as a target

Not sure exactly what you are referring to. This might be a new patch for 6.3.2.

“Neutrino Core” is a separate download on the QNX site. So I thought it might be just the OS. I will post here when I found out more.