I’ve already installed QNX 6.3.0 self hosted. The first time around I only installed x86 stuff. Now I’m looking at a cross-compile project and I want to add support for a new processor. I follow the instructions on the CD running /fs/cd0/install, but I get the message:

There are no features available for installation.
install: aborted

Anyone have any ideas, other than a completely new installation?

i have the same problem…
after the installation (6.3.0-qnx6-200405141702.iso) , i typed :
/fs/cd0/install in the terminal, it said:
there are no features available for installation.
Can anyone say what does it mean?
I think i didn’t install the second part of installation (i saw something about a SECOND part of the installation that on this forum) because there is no src directory in my QNX system and i can’t install gaim because of the dependencies (libgcrypt) it seems something is missing…
And the installer doesn’t find anything to install in the installation Cd.
Any idea?

If you have the x86 stuff then you have all the other CPU support as well. Everything gets installed.

Doing a second install was for the 6.2.

thank you so much mario…
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