"patch"ing QNX 4 ntp source

Hi all:

I downloaded the free ntp “version 1” source for QNX 4 and was going to build it, but the instructions say to apply a patch to the source, and I don’t have the “patch” utility. Watcom C is installed. What am I missing?


Hi, kbeaucha !
In the same sutiation I’ve done the following.

  1. Copied source files to Linux system.
  2. Patched all files under Linux (There is a “patch” utility)
  3. Returned back the patched files files to QNX system.
  4. Rebuild the patched sources to ntpd - daemon.

As intermediate storage could be used the FAT partition of your HD or disquette, if the latter has enough space for files.
Good luck!

patch for QNX 4 can be found
ftp://quics.qnx.com/usr/free/qnx4/os/ut … .1-src.tgz

Check the INSTALL.qnx in the tar file.