Postscript printing problems

  1. Whenever I try to output a document from a Photon application to my
    postscript printer, the Postscript print utility phs-to-ps never terminates
    and has to be manually slayed. Testing the utility on its own gives the same
    results. e.g.
  • Produce a PHS format file by running the Helpviewer and selecting 'Send to
    File, PHS, File: /root/print1.phs, then click on print.
  • From a terminal window, enter “phs-to-ps /root/print1.phs >
    /root/”. The program runs forever and has to be manually
  1. In the Print function of the Helpviewer (or Voyager, etc.), selecting
    ‘Send to File, PS, Print’ does not produce an output file. This may be
    related to the above problem.

Are these known problems or am I doing something wrong?