Unable to load devb-eide

i’m trying to use my hard disk with qnx…
I have made a boot image (used as .altboot) with a specific configuration for my system. when I try to load devb-eide(#devb-eide &) i have the standard output:

#Path=0 - Generic IDE
 target=0 lun=0 Direct-Access(0) - M-Systems FFD UL Rev: 1.10

[1] + Done devb-eide

it’s easy to see that there is something wrong, in fact doing “ls /dev” I can’t see “hd0”.

in the same HDD i’ve another installation of the stand alone QNX OS.

here everything works fine, so I take a look to the system information and I try to call devb-eide with the same args:

devb-eide blk auto=partition dos exe=all cam quiet &

nothing different happens…

now my thoughts are:
there is no HW problems on the system.
probabilly beyond this call I need to take a look to other configuration files or stuff but I don’t know where to bang my head.

in other systems (not equals but similars) I simply call devb-eide without args and everything works fine.

the system I’m working with is a pc104 pc with:
CPU - Diamond Systems - Hercules Athena model ATH400-128 (400MHz, 128 Mb Ram)
HDD - M-Systems FFD UATA 4Gb
Other Boards - Power supply and A multiserial that I think may not influence the system.

Fabio Monster


please try this:

devb-eide blk automount=hd0t79:/ cam

to “setup” your hdd - does it works (this will mount your drive to root) ?!