Problem with CAN interruptions in Total5200

I’ve got a Freescale Total5200 and I’m developing a software to access to the can device onboard. I’m not using any kind of drivers to access to can, I’m accessing directly to can registers to send and receive data.
In QNX 6.2.1 the interruptions works properly and I can receive data but in QNX 6.3.0, doing the same, I’m not able to receive interruptions. I can see that there are data in the registers but I don’t get any interruption when data arrives.
When I program the interruptions I’m using the same IRQ in both OS versions.

Any idea about this?



Hi Lino ,

Even i am trying to write a driver for MSCAN on MPC5200 . Could you
please tell me what is the base address you are using . I am trying to use

for CAN1 : 0x80000900

and for CAN2 0x80000980 ,

when i am trying to memory map the device and try to access any of the regsiters , it is simply crashing the OS . could please tell me how you are tying to access , what is the MBAR you are using and what basic calls you used .ie mmap_device_memory or
mmap_device_io , inxx() , outxx() are directly accessing the register via pointers.