Trapping Radeon Mobility M9

Hi all,

I need some help to set up a Radeon Mobiltiy M9 graphics with my new
I use the latest Photon Version 4.25 Patch D.

I run crttrap, which found different radeon modes, but did not detect the
SXGA-display resolution 1400x1050.
So I modified the crt.X file and a line for this mode.

But all Radeon modes, even the ones below 1400x1050 (i.e. 1024x768), show a
garbeled output, that means 2/3rd of the screen is ok, but on the middle
everything is washy and flickering.

Is there a new driver, do i miss something ?

Now I switch to the flat driver, and 1400x1050 works, but it is to slow,
while editing a file using vedit in fullscreen mode (in Photon)