PtMeter use problems

I needed a meter with more than one needle. So
I have two PtMeter objects, drawn one atop the other. The
rear one is bigger and display-only; the front, smaller one,
is the input. (This is used to control and display a servo
loop, with the setting in the front meter and the response
on the rear meter. When you change the front meter, the
servoloop responds, and shortly, the meter needles match.)

The rear meter has GETS_FOCUS turned off; the front
one has it turned on.

This almost works. I can click on the front meter, and
the meter changes. The meter-change function is called,
and the program takes the appropriate actions. The
rear meter is updated as the system responds to the
servo command.

But the effect of the arrow keys on the front meter is
wierd. If I click on the front meter, I can then use
the left or right arrow key to adjust the meter. But
only once. Thereafter, the meter-change callback is
not called again until I click on the meter again,
and the meter does not move.

Do I need to do something in the callback to re-arm
the key, or what? Thanks.

John Nagle
Team Overbot

(Incidentally, this is all hooked to our robot vehicle,
and those meters are actively operating the steering and
brake servomotors for manual testing. The PtTrend
widget has been very helpful in servo tuning.
Next step, the joystick driver over the WLAN.)