Photon key Events to Modal Dialog

I have a PhAB app with a WebClient widget placed on a base form. My
application will run on a target without a keypad and a mouse. However,
through a driver, key events will be generated. I will need to generate
mouse events to the WebClient widget and to pop-up modal and alert
dialogs. These will be accomplished with my PhAB app generated Photon key
events. When a pop-up dialog is necessary I launch a pop-up thread to wait
on a key event. The key events are received from a non-PhAB console app
(for QNX hosted testing before I load to target hardware) by my PhAB app
and I attempt to generate a key event to the modal pop-up dialog. I have
two threads running (Phab and pop-up thread). I’ve noticed that I can
genenerate Tab and Enter events to dialog successfully but my key events
to my & short keys (Yes, No) multiple user selection are unsuccessful.
The key events of ‘Y’ and ‘N’ don’t seem to do anything. The modal dialog
parent references the PtWindow Base. The only thing I have not tried is
modifying the use of the PtEnter() and PtLeave() which I wrap around my
app created pop-up modal dialog and my app created key events. Right now
I’m not setting any flags in PtEnter() call, but I think this will not
help due to Tab and Enter key entries are successful. I suspect some
problem with putting focus on base and child modal is created and focus is
not on child??

Why would the pop-up modal respond to a Tab and Enter key entries but not
a character key event of Y or N?

Thanks for any input