Multi-monitor OpenGL still not working?

Using QNX 6.3.0 I have set up several configurations with multiple monitors.

  1. Matrox G400 + PCI G200 for 2 monitors.
  2. Matrox G450 + (either PCI G200 or PCI Ati Rage) for 3 monitors.

The OpenGL demos will only work on one monitor. When moved to the other
monitor they freeze (or w/the G450 the OpenGL buffer seems to move back to
the 1st monitor while the photon window goes on to the next monitor).

I have not tried a radeon, I plan to trey a Radeon 7000 tonight.

Does anyone know if this is still an official bug/issue, or if there is a


Same issue with a Radeon. So I guess OpenGL is limited to one monitor?