Installing QNX 6 on DELL PowerEdge 750

I’m having a little bit of difficulty installing QNX on a DELL PowerEdge 750 server. When the installer asks me to select a hard drive, I see no choices available.

I can boot the server with a disket, and I can see the partition and the drive…

Anyone know whats up?

It’s quite possible that the hd controler (SCSI ?) isn’t supported. What version of QNX6 are you trying to install?

We’ve got QNX 6.3

We’re looking to install it on a Server (similar to the one mentionned above), but it would seem that the other Dell server we can purchase (Power Edge 1850) has the same SCSI controller…

If this is a HD controller issue, any suggestions on what we could use?

Must be, because it install fine on an IBM server (xSeries 346) with a adaptech scsi driver (don`t know the exact model).

Could you get me the model of the server so we can get a machine to install this on?


xSeries 346 ;) These are 2U rackmount, monday I could tell you about a 1u model that we use as well.

I can confirm for you that QNX 6.3 will install on a Dell 6350 server, and older PIII model, and a SuperServer 8042 which supports PIV Xeons. In case you are wondering, I don’t think there is any QNX 6 support for any of the ubiquitous RAID cards, such as PERC.