troubles while patching 4.25

Ive got the following trouble when trying to patch qnx4.25. I initially had 4.25 B version. Ive downloaded patches from
There is patch qnx425patchE.tar. As far as i undertsand it is a packet that contains all patches up to E. I installed it by “install - u”, everything was ok, phinstall shows that im having 4.25 E now. Now im trying to install a G patch (qnx-4.25-01G.tarx). It must be installed by phinstall. When i point phinstall the folder with patch.tarx, it just drops off and is doing nothing. And when i quit back to the console, i can see the following msg that appeared during i was trying to install the patch:

“//60/cd1.0/bin/pkginstall terminated (SIGSEGV) at 0005:000A4999.”

If i try to install the patch directly from /bin/pkginstall, i recieve the following:

“//60/cd1.0/bin/pkginstall terminated (SIGSEGV) at 0005:000A4999
%1 3758 memory fault bin/pkginstall”.

I think of possible reason - maybe i dont have all needed patches to install G (i didnt make any changes to image or whatever after i install Patch E -
was it necessary?)?. But if i try to install qnx-4.25-02E.tarx patch (it seems to be the last one before G) I recieve the same error (maybe there were different numbers in memory address).

Thank you very much for any help! I really need it.

Hum is it possible the .tarx files are corrupted, are you downloading file in binary mode (ftp).

have you chksum the file under QNX, to see if they are intact.

Yes, in binary. I download it on windows, i don`t have internet on qnx machine. Maybe there is a trouble in the cd-rom options? (I burned cd with patches in windows and then mount cd-rom in qnx).

P.S. - How am i to check chksum on qnx?


Hi, Fui!
It seems to me I’ve already encountered this problem and fix it in the following way

  1. Copied the pathG .tarx file to some directory (some_dir) on the qnx system.
  2. cd /other/directories/if/any/some_dir
  3. Used the “install” utility in the way:
    install -u patchG.tarx
    In the directory some_dir would be created subdirectory (don’t remember exactly it’s name, may be something including “patchG”) let’s call it sub_dir which contains several files .
  4. Targetted the location of pacth files for pkginstall utility to sub_dir
    5.In GUI of phinstall marked needed patches checkboxes and started patch install.

By the way, there is an md5 - checksum creation utility for Windows about 400 kB in zipped form. This utility can help you to get sure you’ve downloaded the pacth without error(s). It produces 32 - bytes value which must match the 32 bytes (md5) value given on the (QSSL dowloading page in this case) download page for the wanted file.
Good luck!