Qnx Drivers for Parallax USB Servo Controllers ??? FT232BM

Does anyone know where I can get the FT232BM drivers for qnx ???

The parallax usb servo controller info can be seen here :-


Someone by the name of Gleb Glazirin as actually done some work on the drivers but it seems like his site does not work anymore :-


I need the drivers for qnx 6.3


ft232bm ← no drivers for this in QNX;((( (try make it self using linux&unix source)

erm … i have no idea how do i go about creating the drivers out of linux sources …

can someone help ???

Reading QNX documentation would be a good start.


FT232 USB driver is there.


Thank you freddy for the post…

However I do not read german and do not have any idea where to look for the drivers at the site …

I ended up going to download the .pdf file and emailing the support of the company

If you can email me the drivers for qnx, please do …


Otherwise I will just have to wait for the support group to reply

Thanks once again

FunkyCat - Spangky